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The cushions have a star made from sail material or from an up-cycled oily jacket. The cushions come in white, red, blue, beige, grey, grey-blue and black.


Your sailing friends will really appreciate a bottle of wine or Prosecco in an AK Sail Bags wine carrier.

The wallet is handy for cash, cards and coins, while the card wallet is handy for your cards in these cash-free days!

The tea-light holders (sleeves) are perfect for indoors but also have the advantage of keeping tea-lights sheltered on those breezy Irish BBQ nights. 


The doggy bandanas come complete with a poo-bag pocket made from a sail!

Interested in treating yourself?

Please call or email below!

Cushions - €30 each (or €55 for 2 cushions

Wine carrier - €20

Wallet - €25

Card wallet - €15

Tea-light holders (pair) - €25

Doggy Bandanas - €15

Christmas Stocking - €15 (please request size)

Christmas tree decorations - mini-stockings - €20 for 5

From €25.00

  • Shipping & Returns
    Shipping: If you are in the Dublin area I will probably deliver the AK Sail Bag to you personally. However if you are elsewhere in Ireland I can post it to you (standard postage will apply). Returns: If a product is faulty I will refund the price you paid, or will replace the product with a new one (within 6 months of purchase).
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